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CubeEngine - Multiverse

Group your worlds in universes



Command Description Permission
multiverse Multiverse commands multiverse
multiverse list Lists all known universes multiverse.list.use
multiverse move Moves a world into another universe multiverse.move.use
multiverse remove Removes a universe multiverse.remove.use
multiverse rename Renames a universe multiverse.rename.use


Multiverse commands
Usage: multiverse <command>
Alias: mv
Permission: cubeengine.multiverse.command.multiverse
SubCommands: list move remove rename

multiverse list

Lists all known universes
Usage: multiverse list
Permission: cubeengine.multiverse.command.multiverse.list.use

multiverse move

Moves a world into another universe
Usage: multiverse move <world> <universe>
Permission: cubeengine.multiverse.command.multiverse.move.use

multiverse remove

Removes a universe
Usage: multiverse remove <universe>
Permission: cubeengine.multiverse.command.multiverse.remove.use

multiverse rename

Renames a universe
Usage: multiverse rename <universe> <newName>
Permission: cubeengine.multiverse.command.multiverse.rename.use


Permission Description
cubeengine.multiverse Base Permission for Multiverse
cubeengine.multiverse.command Allows using all commands of Multiverse